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Why yet another hotel booking website? Well, we are two friends who have travelled a lot in the past and whenever possible we still like to today. The two of us agreed that finding a hotel in the right place can be difficult, not to mention boring. But on the other hand, if the travel website offers just a little extra service it could be fun instead...

At Find Hotel International we give our visitors that extra information... For many countries and cities, we offer you articles, videos, pics and maps - so you can learn about the locality and find lots of good things to do as you plan your stay.

So who are we?

Bas van Gaalen
Bas van Gaalen is from The Netherlands and has travelled a lot! The true feeling of living a free life was for him always number one and his main goal. For many years he has build and rebuild boats and sailed some across the oceans. Bas flew helicopters in Canada and has worked at shipyard 't Kromhout in Amsterdam-Holland as a boat carpenter and steel welder. After years of Traveling and working all over the globe he and his wife Agnes decided to settle down in France. They have been living and working in Burgundy, France for many years now.
Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd is from England and now lives not far from Bas with his French wife, Nicole. He's travelled around enough to know what the continents are like to visit, and all the hassles and wonderful times that traveling can bring. Had plenty of both but the latter are what drives him to work on this site. That is, alongside his lifetime work - personal development training and coaching. See more on that, if you're interested, at Trans4mind.com.

We hope you enjoy the site and come back often.

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