My name is Bas van Gaalen, I’m from The Netherlands, born in Den Bosch in 1953.  I have travelled quit a bit around the globe. The reason for that was to experience a true free feeling of life and being free and independed was and still is for me always number one and my main goal.

For many years I was into boats, boatbuilding and sailed some across the oceans. I flew helicopters in Canada and worked at shipyard ‘t Kromhout in Amsterdam as a boat carpenter and steel welder.

After years of traveling and working all over the globe me and my wife Agnes decided to settle down in France where we live and work in Burgundy for some 20 years now.

This part of the website is the blog, the main one is which I have created together with my friend and webmaster Peter Shepherd. This blog gives me the opportunity to tell a bit about those travels and at the same time it helps others to get some information on various locations around the world.

All the posts on this blog contain information about countries and places around the world I’ve been visiting through the years of travelling. Note: I recently started to write posts on this blog (2017), so eventually you’ll find posts about all places I’ve been visiting during my travels.

As you can see on this website, we are affiliated with as our partner, so we do make a little commission (this is within the original price) when people book an accommodation through our website.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and you can contact me on our contact page.

Me and my wife Agnes in our hometown La Charité sur Loire – Burgundy – France