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Find Hotel in Singapore –

It was 1980 when I bought my first ’round the world ticket’. Departure airport was Amsterdam, I took a direct flight to Singapore and stayed 3 days on a stop-over to New Zealand where I spend 6 month’s visiting my brother and his family. To finish the round trip next was Los Angeles, Canada and back to the Netherlands.

In Singapore I stayed in the famous Raffles Hotel, a very impressive hotel with that typical colonial style and atmosphere. When I visited the bar I felt like being in the year 1950 and if nothing had changed at all. The rooms were like appartments in the garden, they were huge with a fan for cooling. The garden was beautiful and I loved the tropics (my first time) immediatly.

I bought a taxfree Nikon F100 camera including a super zoom lens for a great price and strolled with it through the city, also visited Sentosa island which is located in the south of the city, reachable with a cablecar. In 1980 it was a nice and calm park, nowadays fully build with commercial buildings and a theme park.

Singapore is very clean, and the police is sharp on your behaviour, don’t litter, the fine’s are huge. On the otherhand it’s nice to walk through a clean city where you also feel safe, even at night. The food is one of the best in the world, I think. You can visit the Singapore Page on our main wesite for a lot more information on Singapore.


Video below –  A walk through Chinatown, Little India, Arab Street and Sultan Mosque. It shows you another view of Singapore than just the skyscrapers.

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