The Most Popular Cities in the World

Want to see some beautiful destinations? Check out these cities, the most popular with tourists...
Learn more and find hotel in Bangkok
Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and by far its largest city. It's one of Asia's most cosmopolitan cities with magnificent temples and palaces, canals, busy markets and a vibrant nightlife. Bangkok functions as Thailand's spiritual, cultural, political, commercial, educational and diplomatic centre.
Learn more and find hotel in London
Capital of England, London is also the largest city in Western Europe. Situated on the River Thames in South-East England, London has a special energy and is at the center of English culture, finance and trade, with huge international influence.
Learn more and find hotel in Paris
Located in the north of France on the river Seine, Paris has the well deserved reputation of being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, brimming with historical associations.
Learn more and find hotel in Singapore
Combining the skyscrapers and nightlife of a modern, affluent city with a combination of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences and tropical temperatures, Singapore makes a great stopover or springboard into Asia.
New York
Learn more and find hotel in New York
New York City has one of the most famous skylines on earth, dominated by the iconic Empire State Building. Alongside London, it is one of the global hubs of finance, politics and culture - home to many world-class museums, art galleries and theaters.
Learn more and find hotel in Istanbul
Istanbul bridges Asia and Europe both physically and culturally. With 14 million people, it is one of the largest cities in Europe. There are many famous historical sights, going back to the Roman times of Constantinople and then the Ottoman empire in the late Middle Ages.
Learn more and find hotel in Dublin
As the capital city of Ireland, Dublin is the most popular entry point for international visitors to Ireland. It's also very popular with tourists due to the special atmosphere Irish culture engenders, combining poetry, dancing and pints of Guinness.
Find hotel in Kuala Lumpur
A cultural melting pot with some of the world's cheapest 5-star hotels, this dynamic city has much to offer. Beyond the famous Petronas Twin Towers, the real joy lies in wandering randomly, seeing, shopping and eating your way through KL.
Hong Kong
Learn more and find hotel in Hong Kong
Because of its unique mix of East and West, this former British colony is a major tourist destination for China's increasingly affluent mainland population as well as an accessible taste of China for the rest of the world. A leading financial center, Hong Kong handles a significant volume of exports from China to the rest of the world.
Learn more and find hotel in Barcelona
This is a modern yet ancient city, where the new elements work to both preserve and celebrate the old. Full of outdoor markets, restaurants, shops, museums and churches, the city is a great place to explore.
Find hotel in Seoul
The capital of South Korea, Seoul is one of East Asia's financial and cultural epicenters. It's a city filled with stark contrasts, moving from vast nightlife districts to serene Buddhist temples.
Learn more and find hotel in Milan
Milan is great for shopping, football, opera and nightlife. And the place for Italian fashion. Rebuilt since the war, it's modern but also boasts many centuries of heritage.
Learn more and find hotel in Rome
Rome was the cradle of the Roman Empire, and home to the Vatican City. For millennia it has been a center of power, culture and religion, exerting a huge influence throughout the western world. Tourists who visit are inevitably astounded.
Learn more and find hotel in Shanghai
With a population over 23 million, Shanghai is the most developed metropolis in Mainland China. Since China has opened up in the last 20 years, Shanghai has become a major attraction for tourists to experience the authentic Chinese heritage.
Learn more and find hotel in Amsterdam
Amsterdam is widely known as 'Venice of the North' because of the beautiful canals that traverse the city, accompanied by over 1,500 bridges and enclosed by charming Dutch architecture. Enjoy the adventurous culture or just hang out in this charming old European city.
Learn more and find hotel in Tokyo
This large, wealthy and fascinatinsg metropolis brings a high-tech vision of the future alongside glimpses of the old Japan, and has something for everyone. The city runs at a frenetic pace and is packed with people, but always friendly and safe.
Learn more and find hotel in Vienna
As you'd expect it's Austria's cultural, economic, and political capital, with its historic center almost like an open-air museum. Vienna is famous for its coffee culture: meet up in a coffee house to read a newspaper, chat or fall in love.
Find hotel in Taipei
In the 1980s, Taiwan's economy boomed and as its capital city, Taipei began and has never looked back since. The Taipei of today is characterized by its friendly people and safe streets. With Chinese, Japanese and Buddhist influences and a strong sense of history, it's a fascinating place to visit.
Los Angeles
Learn more and find hotel in Los Angeles
Los Angeles is renowned particularly for "Hollywood" and it is notorious for its celebrity-oriented culture. But it's a great holiday center and is surrounded by vast mountain ranges, valleys, forests, beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean, and nearby desert.
Learn more and find hotel in Berlin
Although badly damaged in the final years of World War II and broken apart during the Cold War, Berlin has reconstructed itself brilliantly and is now a favorite tourist destination. There's lively nightlife with many caf├ęs, clubs and bars, numerous galleries and museums, and many sites of historic interest.
Learn more and find hotel in Venice
Venice has a uniquely romantic and charming ambience. A monument to the glory days of the Renaissance, the city remains virtually unchanged over the past 600 years. It's full of tourists in the summer but there are no cars.
San Francisco
Learn more and find hotel in San Francisco
San Francisco is a major city in California, the focal point in the Bay Area, well-known for its liberal community, hilly terrain, Victorian architecture, scenic beauty, summer fog, and great ethnic and cultural diversity.
Learn more and find hotel in Florence
Capital of the region of Tuscany in Italy, Florence was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, and played a key role in the development of Europe into the advanced civilization we're familiar with. It was also home to the greatest artists in history and this legacy surrounds the visitor to Florence.
Learn more and find hotel in Rotterdam
Whenever you have plans to visit Europe, Rotterdam is a must see. You will leave with an extraordinary taste of Dutch atmosphere, mixed with an extremely friendly palet of cultures.
Find hotel in Prague
Prague is capital of the Czech Republic. It is regarded by many as one of Europe's most charming and beautiful cities, with its medieval center a wonderful mix of cobbled lanes, courtyards and countless church spires. Prague is also a modern and vibrant city, with many special events catering to the independent traveller's thirst for adventure.
Learn more and find hotel in Sydney
Sydney is the largest, oldest and most cosmopolitan city in Australia, set amongst many miles of national parks, ocean coastline and sandy surf beaches. Sydney's skyline is famous worldwide for its Harbour Bridge and Opera House.
Find hotel in Jerusalem
A holy city to three religions (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism), Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world. The Old City and its Walls form a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is truly breathtaking.
Learn more and find hotel in Cape Town
Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa, located in the south-west corner of the country near the Cape of Good Hope. The city centre is located in a relatively small area between Table Mountain and Table Bay. You will fight for space on the beach around New Year but it's still the best time to visit as there are many events happening.
Rio de Janeiro
Learn more and find hotel in Rio de Janeiro
Rio is famous for its breathtaking surrounding landscape (one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World), its laid-back beach culture (such as Copacabana and Ipanema), the Christ The Redeemer statue, and of course the annual Carnival.
Find hotel in Marakesh
For many visitors a stay in Marrakesh with its teeming marketplaces, its storytellers and snake charmers, is the defining Moroccan experience. Marrakesh remains Morocco's most popular tourist city and a great base for first-time visitors to the country.
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